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Updated: May 20, 2019

Located in The Temple building, the community-focused bakery offers a rotating selection

of uniquely flavored breads and freshly baked goods, as well as bread-making classes.

DENVER, CO (October 9, 2018) – On October 21, 2018, Rebel Bread, an artisan bakery and bread school started by business partners and co-founders Zach Martinucci and Rene Hosman, will start breaking bread with the Five Points neighborhood. Offering a daily selection of pastries, breads, bagels, and more, Rebel Bread is located in old The Temple building at 2400 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80205, and will be open Wednesday-Sunday.

“I’m excited to introduce Denver to Rebel Bread through our first brick-and-mortar space and look forward to sharing my unique approach to bread and baking,” says Martinucci, who is also the head baker of the bakery. “We hope to not only introduce people to new bread flavors and one-of-a-kind pastries, but also to create a community through our food.”

Until now, Rebel Bread gained carb-loving fans throughout the city thanks to frequent pop-ups in coffee shops such as Blue Sparrow, Amethyst Coffee, and Huckleberry Roasters, cooking classes led by Martinucci, and having pastries featured at various eateries around town. Now in its own space, Rebel Bread will offer freshly-baked loaves of its signature naturally-fermented, gluten-reduced and highly-flavored breads, sweet and savory pastries, bagels, toasts and other items, as well as coffee from local roaster Elemnt Coffee, which shares the bakery’s kitchen. Martinucci will also position Rebel Bread as a resource for people who want to start baking at home by hosting several bread making classes, as well as providing breads and baked goods for wholesale and special orders.

Originally from Northern California, Martinucci studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute. Following his travels to Italy, during which Martinucci developed an interest the Italians’ styles of bread, he then honed his skills at artisan bakeries in San Francisco. Upon moving to Colorado, Martinucci started his own podcast, Against the Grain, through which he naturally discusses bread, as well as larger themes of food and connection. Now with the opening of Rebel Bread, Martinucci has found the unique opportunity to infuse his passion for food, culture and storytelling, and share this passion with the greater Denver community.

Accompanying Rebel Bread in The Temple space are Martinucci’s partners in the forthcoming Denver Dough Collective, which includes Five Points Pizza, where diners can find pizza and savory items later in the day, and Little Bites Bakery, a gourmet baking company.

Rebel Bread will officially open to the public at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 21 and offer visitors the opportunity to taste a variety of menu items with a “sample box”. To kick off its official opening day, Martinucci will also host the first of many bagel making classes at 10 a.m.

For more information, visit the Rebel Bread’s website, Instagram and Facebook.

Rebel Bread’s Brioche Egg Bun and Maple Bourbon Brioche Roll (Photo Credit: Aaron Fooks/Fooks Photograhpy)




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